Mr. Bear Catch Up

The posts of Mr. Bear below will bring you up to speed on what Mr. Bear has been up to.

He has been very busy on Facebook.

Mr. Bear originally was given to me by my beloved nieces and nephew when I first found out I had Breast Cancer.  I received a beautiful plaque they made (see below), Mr. Bear with his pink ribbon for breast cancer, and a pink golf ball.

Mr. Bear has been my faithful companion through this since.  He has waited patiently for me when I go out to all these doctor appointments.  He has provided comfort to me while I have been living on my couch healing from my double mastectomy.  He has been my pillow and support when I just couldn’t get comfy.

I have found myself watching tv and talking to Mr. Bear.  (My cat, Pawkitty, has become very jealous.)  So then it occurred to me that Mr. Bear should make some appearances on Facebook.  It has become quite the comic relief for me on days that I just feel EXTRA silly.  He caught on and it seems he provides some funny to my friends day as well on FB.  I hope he can provide some for you too.

Don’t ever forget your inner child.  Sometimes we need someone to talk to, laugh with, and cry with…..even if it is my Mr. Bear. (at least you’ll never get my secrets out of him..LOL)



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