Absent imbalance

I have been absent awhile now.  Absent in several things. …….thoughts, places, feelings, life.  Where does the time go?

Busy Busy Busy are our lives.  No time for that, forgetful, go go go go go……no time for that. no time for this not time for that either.

No time creates/leaves gaps, holes, blank spaces….absence.  You know you did alot, but wait, what did I do again?  I know I did something but I can’t account for the time……wait, what?

Why are we so busy? Sometimes I think I am present in areas where I need to be absent and absent in places I need to be busy.  ??? hmmmmmm…????

I have been so busy at the hospital and MD offices that the other day I pulled up not knowing which office I was supposed to be going to.  Drat! Where am I …I thought as I sat in the parking lot choosing between the main hospital and the physician offices adjacent.  ????  Geez is it the chemo brain fog people have been telling me about or am I just to damn busy!!???

Especially with the holidays, we need to slow down.  Don’t be in such a rush.  Do we really need anything materialistic, damn Black Friday and damn Cyber Monday….how about no stress today, feel good tomorrow, give a hug the day after, live life from now on?

SSSSSSLLLLOOOWWWWWW  DOWN.  Take notice.  Don’t neglect important stuff, just do be so quick to fly through it and everything else going on.  Most importantly don’t forget to MAKE TIME for the fun stuff.



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