Happy Birthday to me- I’m ALIVE

So December 28th I turned 42.  It was a lovely day.  Spent it just walking around at the orland park mall and at Barnes and Noble bookstore with a quick lunch at Famous Daves.  Now, these things are a treat…..we don’t have a Famous Dave’s close by and love good BBQ.  More importantly there are no longer any bookstores around.  They closed them here in Merrillville.  This is sad.  I can’t describe how excited my daughter was that we were going to the bookstore.  She repeatedly refuses to use my kindle.  She has explained to me (in that tone like I just don’t understand) that holding a book and turning the pages is much more proper and the way it should be.  There are enough electronics to go around, but there is just something about holding a book.  Folding the edge to mark your place, the feel of the paper as it glides across your fingertips when turning the page.  We spent some time in various sections and then sat in the huge window seats as I splurged on a cannoli and iced caramel macciato from starbucks café.  We felt like two cats warming in the sun purring over our sweets and books.  Periodically, I checked in to tech land on facebook.  So many of my friends were sending birthday wishes to me.  Thank you.  It is nice to know people out there think of you.  I missed my mom and dad and other daughter though.  this birthday was a bit emotional for me.  I didn’t think of it as just another day this time.  Birthdays are always special but now I think of it differently.  I am alive.  I continue to live.  God has blessed me with another year and hopefully many more to come . No longer will it JUST mark my birth date but the fact that I am here and I plan to stay.

I think because of this, that cannoli was a little sweeter, the sun a little warmer.  Time spent with my daughter sitting there in the window without a care in the world, priceless.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me- I’m ALIVE

  1. kk says:

    Sounds like such a special day out! & I’m so glad you had a such a day to celebrate a very special you … & many many returns!!! Xoxoxo, kk

  2. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Me too , so very glad you had the opportunity to share such a glorious day with someone you love like your daughter. Know she appreciates & Loves the time spent with you. Grasp every waking moment, yes you are right time to stop an smell the carnations. ..LOL

  3. Romerica Mitchell says:


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