SBC smoothie


1 Activia Strawberry yogurt
1 Activia Blueberry yogurt
handful of frozen tart cherries
1 scoop of Ensure protein powder
1/4-1/3 cup of Vanilla Rice milk

put all ingredients in a blender and blend. YUM!! This makes about two cups of smoothie, one for you and one to share….or, ok one big one for just you… :o) To make a single serving just cut out one of the yogurts and a little less milk.

I have a hand blender that is perfect for this. It is compact and has a plastic cup that works perfectly. Easy clean up too. I would recommend, esp. in the am when I am trying to be quiet…lol. It is super fast in the morning on the go. I make it for my daughter before school. Or even as a light snack in the afternoon.

**NOTE – the thickness of the smoothie depends on how much milk and frozen fruit you use. I like mine thicker so I use more fruit and less milk.
You can also substitute any yogurt or fruit you like and use regular milk if you prefer.


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