Sleepytime tea revalation

So last night I was making a cup of tea after a hot shower and lathering on tons of this wonderful smelling shea butter my sister sent me. It has become a soothing nighttime ritual to ward of the itchies.

Anyway…while waiting for the water to heat, I started reading the Celestial Seasonings box. I had forgotten they always put some inspirational quote on the box. This evening inspiration was as follows:

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” ~~Henry David Thoreau

How appropriate. We all go through seasons but so often it is just hustle and bustle, stress, go go go go go go. We all know the saying stop and smell the roses but how often do we really do it?? We all make excuses – tomorrow, later, next time, not time. We have developed so much technology to make things easier, faster, more efficient. Wasn’t that so we could decrease the workload and “make time” to do the things we really want to do? Spend time with friends and family, go on a walk, take a trip, go to a movie, spend time with our kids. Instead we pack more crap in to do instead of the things we really wanted to do which was smell the roses. Yes we need to be responsible in our jobs but we also need to be responsible in our lives too. Take time to smell the roses. Even if it is something as simple as just a moment in the day to enjoy a cup of tea, relax, take a breath, and be still.


7 thoughts on “Sleepytime tea revalation

  1. Robert Whitney says:

    Keep going, Kathryn. Not a doubt in my mind that the ink flowing onto your pages originated from the Creator’s pen. Thank you…and Thank You.

  2. Romerica Mitchell says:

    As I read your revelation I have come to the conclusion that you are so very right. Listening to you brings thoughts of my own life, never enough time & if you’re not careful you can miss the whole thing.
    Good to stop and evaluate …..ONLY ONE LIFE TO LIVE. ….DO IT !!!!!!!!

  3. kk says:

    Too right, Kathryn! Such intelligent musings … I love you,

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