The purple Houdini detox


This amazing drink goes from purple to green and can give you most of you’re daily nutrients in one sitting


All of this is in it.  All of this fills the black 32oz cup in the picture but I wanted you to see it. 

This is purple because I use a beet for nutrition they are good for your liver and sweetness. 

1 head romaine lettuce
A few generous handfuls spinach
A few generous handfuls carrots
1 cucumber
3 radishes
Inch or so ginger root
2 apples
2 kiwi
1 Orange
1 lemon
1 beet

Send it all through the juicer.  Pour over ice.  Clean the juicer (mine has only 5 pieces,  takes 5 min to clean, love it). By the time I’m done cleaning my juice is cold and yummy. .. sweet tart. 

If you don’t use the beet it turns green.  Ta-da! Houdini right? Lol

I like mine tart so I use lemon ( suggested good for cancer prevention) or sometimes a lime. 

For more sweetness I add more apples and or grapes. ..yummy too

Whatever you like. .. experiment. .. find the combo that tastes good to you.  Will I really sit down and eat all this ..maybe but not usually or everyday but I do drink it everyday in 10 min… imagine that.

Sometimes I throw in any fruit or veggies that need to be used. . Asparagus,  peppers,  zucchini,  pineapple. .. anything.. nothing gets wasted in my fridge anymore.  It’s great.

Warning – when I first started the first few days I had the Hershey squirts. .. but don’t give up. ..I think  it is just your system flushing out the yuck. After that I felt good and was more regular and my energy is up.  I feel great when juicing consistently.  Esp for someone that has bowel issues.  I’m just sayin ….lol

Hope you enjoy. ..


3 thoughts on “The purple Houdini detox

  1. susanalley says:

    I love it! I can see how your energy moves around. For now (and I hope that continues) you’re focusing on healthy food. And such pretty pictures.
    What are the Bears eating?

  2. Romerica Mitchell says:

    You’re right those are at lot of vegetables, could get tired of chewing. Good that you want to share your ideas on health. It all works to your advantage. Keep up the good work. !!!!!!!

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