Irritation #1 today – Snow removal (or lack thereof)

Every winter I have a battle with my home owners association regarding snow removal. In the summer it is the same with grass cutting.

The company that is supposed to come out and remove snow doesn’t show up until 7p or later when it snows.

Mind you I realize this has been an exceptional winter, however, snow is snow. I know our little neighborhood isn’t the only client they have…but is it to much to ask you come in a timely fashion…

I typically have to shovel myself out because they can’t get here in time. I realize I work a different unconventional work schedule but really…is it to much to ask that you get here before I go to work or AT LEAST by the time I get home??? And if I have to shovel my own walkways and driveway I feel I should be able to deduct this fee from my association fees. I have suggested I can provide plowing receipts if needed. I have also suggested several times that I would like to opt out of the HMO. Neither of these ideas went over at all. She feels they only need to come when there is 2″-6″ and twice if there is more for an extra charge. My point is they don’t come for any dang snow..and if they do it isn’t in time. UGH!!! For example, I got stuck in a snow drift trying to back out of my garage and had to attempt 7-10 times to get back in after getting out of my car twice to shovel to make it up the driveway.

The only response from the secretary of the HMO is to come to meetings and try to have them dissolved with 75% of the votes from other homeowners that are unhappy as well. Believe me, I will be developing a letter to mail out to all of the homeowners to make my case in dissolving this ridiculous HMO.



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