Irritation #2 today – Cancer Centers Of America

So several times I have seen the add on TV for the Cancer Centers of America. The commercial seems like they are so here for Cancer patients and have all these modern innovative treatments available for everyone. They act like they are there for all aspects of treatment.

Well,in one of the commercials they claim they perform the latest and greatest breast reconstruction. I jumped online and did some research and they do have an MD that performs the reconstruction I am interested in. This would be so much more convenient than going to New Orleans (since only ~40 surgeons in the USA perform DIEP Flap reconstruction).

Well, I called them. I explained I was interested in the MD that does the breast reconstruction. They proceeded to ask me if I have Cancer. Well, technically, no. (Praise GOD). Since I don’t have “active” cancer they cannot/ will not help me. My analogy was, if I only want a slice of the pie you won’t sell it to me. That is correct as he laughed at me and said what a great analogy. If I don’t by the whole pie (basically start with cancer and end with it with them) they won’t help me. I explained that I didn’t ask to have breast cancer and dispose of my breasts for cosmetic reasons. This falls under the same umbrella as the breast cancer. It would be SO much more economical to do this in Chicago. Nope. I thought they were supposed to help. Instead if they can’t sell you the whole pie and make money of you; you can’t have any. What a disappointment.

I guess I will take this as an omen I am supposed to do this in New Orleans, the big easy. While it won’t be easy to get the $$ together to do this, if is still chose to do so…at least I will be with a surgeon who wants me and not a Cancer SOCIETY selling a dream they only they can whip up and tailor to their needs and expectations.

Poop on them!


2 thoughts on “Irritation #2 today – Cancer Centers Of America

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Just another obstacle for you to overcome , and I know you will. You have a great team on your side.
    You can trust and believe in us..!!!!!!!!
    GOT YOUR BACK. …….

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