Rest in peace Mr. G.

Friday my stepmother’ s father had a heart attack.  He would have been 97 next Fri. 

the relationship between he and I and my kids was good ..Mr. G was accepting of my sister and I and later my kids from the get go.  

I regret in my adult life not  calling more or visiting more. .. He’s been an all around good guy to  us. … esp them.  We all use distance and time as excuses.

It is with a heavy heart to say goodbye.  Once again life reminds us how short it is.  Don’t wait to call,  don’t wait to spend time with those you love and care about.  Mend fences,  forgive,  agree to disagree. .. but communicate and move forward.   We all think. .. tomorrow. .. no – TODAY! Celebrate goodness and recognize it. 

Love, hugs,  condolences to the Gronning family.  


One thought on “Goodbye

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Point well taken we all tend to sometimes forget to stay in touch with people who affect our lives. So sorry for your lost . We should always repay kindness with kindness. My condolences. ……

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