So my daughter and I went to see the movie ROBOCOP today. Not bad. However, there were a couple lines where the evil/bad character referred to the slow moving and as he perceived incompetent employees as “ladies”. This got me to thinking about other times this has bothered me.

Why is it that it is ok for men to put down and shame other men by calling them “ladies” or “girls”? Often times it is followed with other put downs like “pansies and pussy’s” once again female associations. Why is it that no one really talks about using the label “lady” or “ladies” with such negative connotations? Men and boys do it all over….typically you hear it in sports related talk when a group of players aren’t performing at their best or practicing at their potential; they are called “ladies”. Same for military and correctional facilities. Commonly any type of training, sports field, or work atmosphere.

Why do we not talk about or recognize this when we women are upset about how men call us bitches and whores in songs or movies or on the street or in our own homes…??? Could it be because “lady” is a soft word if you will and normally it is a respected term to call a woman….maybe that is why it is overlooked when used in such a derogatory form…???

I don’t know about you but I am getting sick of the gross negligence and easy use of this word as a description for sub-par performance and negativity or when there aren’t high expectations of a job to do by men.

Not that I agree with the practice but, there are plenty of other words to utilize to put someone down or express your disappointment in their performance…or perhaps the people using “ladies” in this context are just that stupid themselves and can’t come up with anything better..???


One thought on ““Ladies”

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Once you think about it, it’s messed up. Wonder how that started, when did it become normal to talk down to a man or any male by calling them a woman, or like u say, ladies & pansies & pussy’s. Your right maybe Chump , or Rookie should be used or could be used. It’s Disrespectful, to all Women because if U really look at it women, ladies ( I e ) females are quite strong individuals. It truly takes a lot To be a woman. It’s wrong that these things happen, society has been screwed up for a long time. And it’s like they don’t give it a second thought. As for me from this day forward I will refrain from the use of these TERMINOLOGIES. Woman she is Strong Hear Her ROAR! !!!!!!!!!!

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