Monday Challenge == Day 2 ==Pay it forward

Pay it forward can come in different forms.

When I think of pay it forward I think of Christmas time. That time of the year everyone is filled with “holiday cheer”. We want to do good things. Happiness and generosity is all around. The giving spirit overcomes us (most of us anyway…lol).

Today…pay it forward how you can…here are some examples:

**Pay for the person behind you in line (coffee, drive thru, grocery, etc.)
**Return a favor someone gave you
**make up a booklet of “IOU’s”…this could be little tickets for chores or helpful things like doing the dishes without a fuss, empty the dishwasher, make dinner, quiet time for you no kids or fussiness, buy a book of your choice on me, your favorite candy bar, any item or thing they can “cash” in on at anytime.
**give a card or flowers for no reason, just because
**offer to babysit for free for a few hours
**Take someone out to breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or just a cup of coffee
**donate clothing to a local shelter
**donate your time to a soup kitchen

Anything you can do to help someone else

Be kind and help the next person….you never know, it might be you for someone else.

Peace, Love and happiness!!


One thought on “Monday Challenge == Day 2 ==Pay it forward

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    You are so right, kindness has no end. And is most rewarding. … leave it up to you. Brilliant! !!!!!!!!

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