Wednesday Challenge Day 4==Encouragement


by now it has probably been quite the week. Usually by Wednesday I am looking forward to the weekend.

I need a pick me up and uplift. So, for todays challenge dig deep and find a way to give someone some encouragement.

Doesn’t it feel good when you are feeling low and down and out and someone comes along and gives you some encouragement, makes you laugh, solves a problem for you, or just listens…???

You can be this person for someone today.

If someone looks stressed go talk to them. Lend an ear, ask if there is something you can do to help. Let them know it is going to work out, perhaps give constructive criticism to make whatever it is better. Offer to help with the problem or give solutions.

Or, go up to someone with a positive word…tell them they look nice today, job well done, thanks for helping on a project you worked on together….anything nice.

Tell your child(ren) how proud you are of them. Notice the hard work they do at school and/or at home and let them know it doesn’t go un-noticed….mean it….encourage them to be their best, to be kind to others and themselves. To love not hate. Be kind to the earth. To speak up and have a voice…believe in a cause. Encourage them to stand for something…

Perhaps something as simple as passing a note with an inspirational quote on it to someone or many people in the office. Heck, why not photo copy it and hand it out to random people on the street or the barista at starbucks…lol….

Got it?? You are doing a great job at these challenges this week…keep up the good work and tune in tomorrow for the next one. :o) (see what I did there…LOL)


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Challenge Day 4==Encouragement

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Oh yes words of encouragement is a staple in the way life works. When you build someone’s confidence it gives them the strength to strive for the stars. I understand that people do need words of wisdom. We all can help someone grow. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! !!!,

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