Thurday Challenge day 5==Give hugs

Hug someone today!!!

How wonderful it feels to be loved!!!

So far we have praised and given thanks, paid it forward with some good deeds, called someone, and given encouragement….doesn’t that feel GREAT!!! Now give yourself a hug for it!! you are doing fabulous!

to carry on give someone you know and love a hug. Give someone you don’t know a hug…if they look at you with surprise, just say you had the feeling and had to go with it….

now I know, not everyone is touchy feely… so maybe approach with caution…a handshake will do as well or maybe put your hand on their forearm or shoulder. I think there is something to be said about touch. It’s a connection. In that moment anything is possible….usually words aren’t even necessary. It is all in the expression that goes along with the touch. A smile or frown can convey so many things….sadness, anger, happiness, anxiety…etc. In that moment, in that expression while you are touching that person it is so much more. I really don’t know how to describe it..but it seems different to witness from a distance someone’s emotion rather than when they are directly connected to you, touching you. It almost transfers to you, doesn’t it..?? with all of our technology we have become such a cold impersonal society. It has become so easy to communicate via email and text. All these digital devices no communication. By doing things digitally I think it makes it easier because it disconnects us from the emotion and more importantly the consequence of the action. You don’t have to face that person and experience the emotion…how sad.

So give a hug….embrace someone and transfer happiness and positivity. Re-introduce yourself and them to touch…emotion…connection.


One thought on “Thurday Challenge day 5==Give hugs

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    I hugged someone today and guess what they hugged me back. And I did feel a little warm. !!! Kudos to you! !

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