one shoe

Why …..why….WHY????

every so often while traveling down the road you pass by a shoe.  Notice this is not plural, not a set….just one…singular. 

Why is there only one shoe on the side of the road or the median??  And does the person who lost it not realize they have only one shoe on while the other fades away as they speed along??  How can you not know…??

Or maybe they poof away in some mysterious sock vortex black hole that is an extension of the dryer where all of the missing one sock socks are….???  hmmmmmm………


2 thoughts on “one shoe

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    You know I think sometimes when you see one shoe or one of anything that should be a pair. Something or someone is moving way to fast. Maybe we should take the time to gather our thoughts. … SLOW DOWN. .

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