Saturday Challenge Day 7==Kindness

WHEW!! You did it!! You made it to day 7….KINDNESS

Be kind today. Because really…doesn’t positivity come from kindness in the first place? So you got this …

Do something kind today. But I want you to start with yourself first. Even if it is the only person you are kind to today. It is so easy to hold ourselves to such standards and beat ourselves up for things we can’t control, feel inept to do, lack the courage to do, etc.

Well, I think that blows!!! Go back to the previous days….give yourself a hug and encourage yourself to be better, smarter, sharper. Forgive yourself for anything that has made you feel like you can’t and praise yourself and say you can. Be thankful that you are here and a part of life. If you can’t do it alone, then call someone and ask for help. And by all means don’t forget to pay it forward.

If we all practiced a little more kindness, I think the world would be a better place.

Thank you for taking my challenge….from here on out…remember:

reach out and call
be kind
pay it forward


2 thoughts on “Saturday Challenge Day 7==Kindness

  1. susanalley says:

    I don’t see Day 6.
    But I forgive you.

  2. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Being kind to someone is a big step, because it shows the integrity that a person has in themselves. So your right be kind and show someone else the Heart that you have…… mission complete. …..

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