Friday Challenge Day 6==Forgiveness


“Forgiveness is not conditional, even though our practice of it often is” Iyanla Vanzant

This one may be a little difficult….sometimes it is hard to find the courage to forgive. Typically when you think of forgiveness there isn’t the thought of positive in it. To forgive means there is work to do and something unfortunate happened in order to need forgiveness.

So, the initial act that requires forgiving may have been unpleasant…but in the act of forgiving you create positivity. The release of the negative makes room for the light…positive feelings to move forward.

Like Iyanla Vanzant has written:

“Forgiveness is an ultimate act of love. It is not the act of “forgetting” an incident or upset. It is the remembering and the choice to “give away” the hurt we have attached to the experience…..The Law of Forgiveness states that certain ideas must be dissolved and cleared from the mind in order that other new ideas of a different character may replace them. Through forgiveness, we create new realities that allow us to experience greater love and freedom. Forgiveness sets the stage for a new act in our lives to begin. Holding on to judgements about experiences and people keeps us in limitation. When we allow ourselves the experience of forgiveness, we turn the key to open the cell of humanness and release the divinity that resides in us and in others, and allow that divinity to reign.”

“Forgiveness starts in our own hearts. Only when we have forgiven ourselves can we give it to others.”

So…today…in the positive forgive someone…and most importantly forgive yourself…start your road to happiness in forgiveness.


2 thoughts on “Friday Challenge Day 6==Forgiveness

  1. susanalley says:

    I like the idea, and agree with it, that if I can forgive myself, I can forgive the other. And only if I forgive myself, will I forgive the other.

  2. Romerica Mitchell says:

    I understand what you say about forgiving it takes a lot to forgive. I agree one must look inside themselves to forgive others. To forgive is Devine. , and like you say forgiveness acts like a cleansing agent it purges your mind so you can start over. Nothing like a fresh start. ….

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