Earth day 2014


Today is earth day. …

Many people don’t even realize there is such a day.   Many of those people are the same ones who litter,  throw cigarette butts out the window, dump oil down the drain, toss tires on the side of the road in alleys and have the attitude of the next guy will clean it up.   How rude not only to your fellow man but to mother Earth. Many companies realize we can use biofuels. ..but that isn’t profitable (just sustainable & eco-friendly). 

Mother earth is all we’ve got. ..

It is time to realize the resources are NOT infinite!  Our oceans are suffering!  Our forests are disappearing! !

Life is a delicate balance and we need to pay attention. 

I challenge you this day to make an effort to recycle. .. even if it’s just one water bottle a day or your cereal box at the end of the week.  Starting there can make a difference. 


One thought on “Earth day 2014

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Yes, we should all at least try to recycle .If we put forth the effort maybe it would catch on with our children. .
    But we must start. .!!!!!

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