Happy Soul Day to my Sister


Today is my beautiful sister’s 40th birthday. .. (I can tell it because she only looks 16..lol). 

As I stated on my facebook page…I was once asked why I was adopted and then they had my sister. .. to which I respond. .God knew I needed her to get through life. 

I am so proud of my sister!  She has her Bachelor’s,  Masters,  AND her PHD.  Get it girl!! She works extremely hard and still finds time to call or text me. 
Even though we weren’t “close” growing up, She has always been the wind beneath my wings. Over the years we have proved it is never too late to be close …I love her so much!

Namaste my lovely sister. .. Namaste! 

Thank you for being so wonderful and have a fantastic birthday!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Soul Day to my Sister

  1. Thank you my wonderful big sis!! Your words are so very kind and generous … I love you so much!!!!!! I can’t believe I’m 40!!!! … [smile]

  2. susanalley says:

    I love each of you so much. You are such different women, and wonderful each in your own way.

    Love, always


  3. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Just like book ends you always need two..
    You both are very lucky to have each other. .

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