labeled boxes

Recently, I was reading a post by a dear friend of mine.  She is a single mother of twins.  She posted how proud she was of her girls for graduating high school.  She has been through trials and triumphs like all of us, however, she also experiences criticism from those against the LGBT community.  Specifically, they have told her “gay people have no business raising children”, “without a father in the home, your children will turn out to be nothing”, and “….why are you trying to be a man when your children need a mother?”  

Needless to say I was upset and outraged that she should have to put up with this.  

People fear the unknown and what they don’t understand.  We all do to different degrees.  But that doesn’t give us the right to judge people and say mean things. When people don’t know or understand things they seem to put it in a box labeled what they think it should be….then, based off of what that label stands for and the stereotypes that come with it they are able to pass judgement and it enables them to treat you a certain way due to that label and feel better about themselves.  

What is so terrible about wanting to be loved? It doesn’t matter if your the opposite sex or the same sex…love is LOVE!! You don’t have to agree with it, and you don’t have to accept it…but you don’t have to pass judgement and say mean things. Last I checked God doesn’t have a “now hiring” sign up for you to sit at his right hand and pass judgement on people. Nobody is perfect and no one is going around criticizing you based on your hair or eye color nor the quirky things you do.

To address the comments:

gay people experience love and hate and everything else those who aren’t do. You aren’t any better or less than them. They have the capacity to love and raise children just as Non-gays do….I would say even more right because they have the experience of being shamed and ridiculed and thought less of and can teach their children NOT to be like this.

as far as not having a father in the home and they will be nothing……there are countless homes without fathers that aren’t gay households….they produce productive wonderful children just the same.

as far as her trying to be a man when she is a mother…..hell, as far as I see it they have the best of both worlds….she is a woman and while you may see her as “manly” she has both the finesse and strength of a woman while being able to identify with her masculine side as well…

Overall…clearly the people who have made these comments don’t know her. They don’t understand what is not them and instead of trying to get to know her and be privileged to do so…they hide with their boxes that come with instructions on how to treat people without knowing them.

As far as I’m concerned their is only one box….HUMAN.

but if you have to put her in a box…it should be labeled—-phenomenal.


2 thoughts on “labeled boxes

  1. Robert Whitney says:

    Strong statements, Kathryn, and beautifully put. I am so fortunate to know you, and I am so proud of you. Keep it up, Kat!

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