Personal Change

I think it is wonderful that we as humans are capable of change.  

Yet,  change can be so many things…….scary, uplifting, transforming, downgrading, exuberant, familiar, exhausting, etc…you get the point.  


Change can be easy and it can be hard…..or it can good or bad….  Sometimes you can do it on your own and sometimes you need help.  

Often I have talked to my girls about change especially when it comes to behaviors.  Behavior tends to define us.  So, I tell them, if you they or I am behaving a certain way and it isn’t brought to the table…then you cannot and probably will not change it.  BUT…once it is recognized then…then it can be changed.  You can’t be held accountable for a bad behavior if you don’t realize it’s bad.  Because let’s face it…we have all done “bad” or stupid things but usually in those moments we are mistaking bad behavior for good or fun.  Once it is brought to our attention we have the choice to change that behavior.  

It takes people around us, experiences, and ourselves to change.  The lessons learned in life shape us and mold us.  It is important to learn life’s lessons so that we can continually change into better people.  It’s hard…change is work.  Work isn’t always easy.  

Try to be open minded.  Accept constructive criticism.  There is a difference in constructive criticism and shaming.  Don’t get the two confused.  

Don’t label people.. experience people.  To many times I hear my “Christian” friends judge people based on their color, other religion, or sexual orientation.  I don’t understand…I thought Christianity was about love and acceptance.  I am not super well versed in the Bible but I think somewhere it says thou shalt not judge.  God is hiring for that position as far as I am aware.  

People can change…..give them a chance.  And if they haven’t, maybe God put you back in their life to help them do so.  ???  






3 thoughts on “Personal Change

  1. Robert Whitney says:

    You KNOW this scratched a major itch for me, Kathryn. So well thought out and stated. I am touched. Thank you.

  2. Romerica Mitchell says:

    Yes u said it right change I d’s very hard work. And most of the time it takes someone or something to bring about the change. And it is up to the person being changed to accept it. Life is full of change, we all must grow… That is change. ..LOVE IS CHANGE!!!!!!!

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