Round 2 ME

Exactly one week ago this evening at this time I was waking up from surgery that started at 7a. 14hrs. Thank you God for sending angels to guide my two surgeons and a team of nurses to rebuild my breasts.  I have an incision from hip to hip and two incisions on each breast 6″a piece. It has been slow going. ..I am sore and a bit uncomfortable but no real pain.  I am grateful and blessed!  “WHEN YOU HAVE GOD IN YOUR HEART, YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” (Jerome Hines).

Cancer may smirk at my scars. .. but I will not fear it’s grin!  I smile back with the power of life!  I will not shudder in it’s evil grin full of connotations of sadness, despair, & death.  Instead I rise and choose to live! I am more awake and alive than ever!  Full of determination and purpose! 

I have earned these stripes… let them bear witness to my fight and the ability to win!

Round 2 goes to me!

#F@#KCANCER  #fightlikeagirl. #SURVIVOR


2 thoughts on “Round 2 ME

  1. kk says:

    Go girl! You are so brave and wonderful … I love you love you love you!!! (Roar) xo! Kk

  2. Romerica Mitchell says:

    My Dearest KAT I must commend you on your fortitude & inner strength you r a woman of great substance & faith. You show no weakness only determination. You r a woman to me in your own league, & you have much weight to bare. Know that GOD GIVES you everything you need to pull through. You r not alone in your fight. Not by a long shot. LOVE YOU KAT. Ready for anything. Round 2 to you. !!!!! MUAH. !!

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