I wonder why they just can’t vote yes?

As a woman in a male dominated field I work just as hard if not harder than my my male co-workers.  Luckily I am union and pay is set for us.  Equally.  However,  in the salaried positions this is not the case. Women are paid less than the men.  Why ? They are just as valuable and capable …. supervisors,  engineers,  planners, etc.

Jobs past I have been paid less as a woman as well.  I performed my job duties the same if not better than the men I worked with daily. 

I cannot grasp or comprehend why some men think we are less?   Mainly those in power to make these decisions. 

Am I less when birthing your child?

Am I less when I leave that lower paying job to come home to my non-paying job to take care of you and our family?

Am I less when you don’t have a job and I’m working for both of us?

I could go on and on. ….

The strength in character,  ingenuity,  problem solving,  intellect,  determination,  sheer will power,  & professionalism should not be underestimated nor under paid based on my gender. 


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