What to say….


This link is to an article about what friends you know that have cancer need you to know.

This article is spot on for what I went through and continue to go through my
I think it is also useful to help for how to help when friends and loved ones are going through a tough time or illness even if it isn’t cancer. 


2 thoughts on “What to say….

  1. kk says:

    I hear you, babe! & love you … SO much!!!

  2. Romerica Mitchell says:

    I know that you are sometimes overwhelmed with the things that are going on.. Can’t say I know how you feel because it’s not me I know that things have changed the way you eat , the way you live your life, but the more things change the more they stay the same. You still have family & friends .will forever be ready to listen & take part. You are LOVED. You are KATHRYN.
    You are a BLESSING.

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