Insight on breast density and breast cancer

Please read the article in the above link. Hopefully you find it informative for you or someone you know.

Personally, I found this article interesting as my right breast had densities show up on my baseline mammogram at 35 and again at 40 & 41…

They did ultrasounds after the mammogram at 40 and 41…The 41 showed and caught the breast cancer that was later confirmed by biopsies. 

What I find interesting is my left breast didn’t show anything on the mammograms, I assume because they never seemed concerned nor said anything to be concerned about.

However…I elected to have bilateral mastectomy on 9/30/13.  Post surgery I was informed that my left breast was very fibro cystic and would have made detection of breast cancer very difficult to detect. 

My daughter has several densities in her breasts and she is only 23.  She continues to have ultrasounds every 6 months and will now start mammograms between 26-30 due to my diagnosis. 

Good luck and please..research your options and don’t be afraid to ask questions! !!


One thought on “Insight on breast density and breast cancer

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    To be in the know is a Blessing, and to follow through takes courage and commitment. Strength and a great understanding. ..

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