At the bottom of this page I am going to post a picture of a lady who posted her picture on Facebook.

Warning… It is graphic

DIEP flap reconstruction is where the deep inferior epigastric perforations (abdominal blood vessels) and the skin and abdominal fat are relocated to rebuild breast(s) after mastectomy.  This is done without sacrificing abdominal muscles and without implants.

Basically, you get a tummy tuck where your abdominal skin and fat is used to make new breasts without cutting your muscles nor inserting implants. 

This is the type of breast reconstruction I chose after having bilateral mastectomy September 30, 2013.

Years ago, insurance did not cover breast reconstruction post mastectomy due to breast cancer. They classified it as  cosmetic surgery, not necessary.  As if it was your choice to get breast cancer.       :0[     my “really?” Face

Later, it was federally mandated that insurance has to pay for breast reconstruction of YOUR CHOICE .

I did not want to cut any muscles and being only 42, I didn’t want implants for two reasons. ….They are hard and cold and would probably need replacing in 13+ years and I don’t want to do that.  

DIEP flap  was a choice for me because my breast feel soft, warm, more natural.  But…The surgery was tough. It isn’t all butterflies and fuzzy cute kittens….
I found a wonderful Dr., Dr.  Marga Masssey.  She is amazing!! She trained under the Doctor that developed the DIEP flap procedure.  Check her out at drmarga.com ….I will talk about her in another post later.

I had my first surgery..mentioned in a previous post…but it was 14 hrs w Dr Marga and a second surgeon and a team of nurses.  Whew!! I won’t lie..it was tough…but I made it…The picture below is not me but might as well be…it is how my body now looks with two more surgeries to go as well as 3D nipple tattoos.

Good luck to anyone who chooses this surgery….I would do it again.




  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    I am glad that you had an opportunity to choose the type of
    surgery to have. Know that it is a true Blessing to have some control of. your destiny. I am Happy That You Are Pleased.
    And we all realize that it is still a struggle. But you are a strong , and determined woman with a lot to give. You are and always will be a Beautiful woman inside and out. Will never stop singing your praise and being in Awe of your courage. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU. . Plus, You are WOMAN LET ME HEAR YOU ROAR!!!!!
    Love you. ………

  2. Nick Penida says:

    such a brave woman.. nice story
    diep flap

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