Love is not enough article

Great article. …He’s right. .love is great but it isn’t enough to sustain a relationship.   Love is the easy part…maintaining a relationship with all its ups and downs is tricky. 

Love may connect you, but how you communicate and interact with each other can make or break the relationship. 


One thought on “Love is not enough article

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    WOW !!!!!! That is a mouth full. Love is a great & wonderful thing. I believe at some point it does occupy a lot of time and space. Love is something that can take you in many directions, but it is to be respected & understood. Love is also in the hands of the beholder, it is a great burden to stand. Love is not a cure all , but a place to start. To be honest with the person you love. What does love mean to you and your mate. Granted it is a double edged sword. Love is in a person and not in the air. To me I feel a person’s love for someone can withstand a lot. But a full understanding of ones future & goals should come into play. Love is a partnership and trust sacrifice is a big point. Therefore commutation is a great factor . To hold other people’s lives in your hand with little or no concern for your own feelings. To be well aware of your goodness towards this person. Love is how you were raised & the love you give is always the love you have in your heart. Then like life sometimes love does hurt, life is not easy, nor is love. But it gives us some place to start. To me understanding , truthfulness, commutation and being on the same page helps. It’s hard to choose who you fall in love with it just happens, take a chance it is GREAT. Just be positive. .
    MUAH. !!!!!!

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