Thank you – again part 2


in no particular order or thought because I think of you all at once but can’t type it in one swoop!

Daddy, Mom, Brittni, Kalea, Kristen & james, Aunt Frienda and Uncle Dick, Nancy, Uncle Robert and family, Stephanie, Debra, Asa, Saundra, Mike and Family, Ed, Sean, Carmen and family, Gail, Kyle and Family, Ro, Frank, Michelle, Eric, Jaylah, James, Mr. Bear, All my Doctors and surgical teams, facebook friends, co-workers, and anyone I didn’t mention.

you ALL have been a part of my pink armor, my continued hope that keeps me going.

Thank you.


One thought on “Thank you – again part 2

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    My Dearest KAT want to thank you for your acknowledgement of family & friends who have supported you. , But it is us who should be thanking you for never wavering on your commitment to overcome all advertise. The strength & courage shown by you, Your faith in GOD! !!! That this is , but a battle to win. You are a true example of the STRENGTH of a WOMAN. .
    LET ME HEAR YOU ROAR !!!!!!!!

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