Roasted pumpkin seeds


Seeds from a pumpkin, cleaned
Parchment paper

Carve your pumpkin (s)


I usually take two bowls. ..One for the slimy pumpkin goop and one to pitch the seeds in….doesn’t have to be perfectly clean..just get as much off as possible.

Then dump seeds into colander and rinse in the sink..Most of the pumpkin slime washes right off..

Dry the pumpkin seeds:

You can do this one of 2 ways. ..
1- place on cookie sheet and let dry overnight
2- spread seeds out on parchment paper on cookie sheet bake on 350 degrees until dry…anywhere from 25-45min… You will start to smell them. . Start checking in them. . Toss a few times. Done when they start turning golden and dry.

I use method 2

Put dry seeds in a bowl and toss in olive oil or melted butter. . Not to much.  *

I had 4 pumpkins so I used 2 cookie sheets

Put back on cookie sheets without paper. . Toast until golden. .Approx 5-10 min.  Check them so they don’t burn. 

Take out and sprinkle w salt.

*You can also Toss with any seasonings you like …cayenne pepper,  adobo, ranch dry mix, cinnamon n suga… Be creative to your taste.


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