Cajun cabbage

image this is pretty cheap, pretty good, and you can improvise.

1 large head of cabbage
1 package of cajun seasoned sausage*
1 large onion

Unhealthy directions:
Cook the sausage* remove  from  skillet


Cook several slices of bacon* remove  from  skillet

Add onion to  pan  and  cook  a few  minutes.

Chop the cabbage while  waiting  for  the  sausage and  bacon  to cook.


  Once  bacon  is  finished, add  cabbage  to  bacon  grease and  onion. Cook until cabbage starts to become tender crisp.

Add the  sausage  back in  along  with  crumbled  bacon. Stir.  Add  salt  n pepper  to taste.

Serve with  cornbread
*if you  can’t  find  cajun  seasoned  sausage you  can  add  cajun  seasoning to  the  sausage.

*Or use pizza sausage

Healthy directions :

Cook  onion  in olive  oil,  add  chopped  cabbage. Season  with  salt  n Pepper. 
Spice it up w red  pepper  flakes.

*Use  turkey sausage instead of  cajun seasoned sausage .  I like to  do  this  and  add  sage to  the  sausage  when  cooking. 


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