The cancer fighting kitchen


Ok, so it’s sideways…turn your  head

Anyway, I found  this  book  at my  local  library. …Great book with  loads  of  information not  just  receipes.

Check  it  out. .even  if  you  don’t  have  or  never  had  cancer. ..alot of  the  receipes are vegetarian, easy, and  inexpensive. There  are  also  some  great  salmon ideas, soups, smoothies, and  desserts.

It  talks  about  all   the  direct  herbs, spices, vegetables and  their  properties that  help  keep  you  healthy and nourished depending  on  your  needs.

Helps  you  with  protein, dealing  with  chemotherapy side  effects, enhancing  flavor and  dealing  with  taste  changes,  and  optimizing your  nutritional  benefits.  


One thought on “The cancer fighting kitchen

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    The truth still holds put good stuff in get good stuff out.
    Thanks for your encouragement. .We all need it . ♡♡♡

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