Upset and Outraged…

Today, behind closed doors (hmmm, what does that tell you right there), the Govenor of the State of Indiana signed into law SB 101…otherwise know as the Religious Freedom bill. Don’t let that fool you. What it really is, is Religious Condemnation.

I AM ENRAGED AND OUTRAGED!!! you should be too. They claim it is a “safegauard against businesses being forced to provide services they find objectionable on religious grounds.” What? That, like I saw somewhere is like me being mad at you for eating a donut because I’m on a diet….Really?…Unfortunately, the Bible has been so far twisted by many that they can find a “religious reason” for anything they see fit. It has already happenend in SC at a BBQ restaurant where they used this same “religious freedom” to deny service to African Americans. See where this can go….scary.

As Matthew Tully wrote in the Indianapolis Star, this proposed law is “discrimination wrapped in a legislative bow.” he is correct. All this does is legalize bigorty and discrimination. Shame on the Indiana lawmakers once again. We’ve just wound ourselves back 200 yrs yet again.

Maybe it is to simplistic to say…but…if you want to chose who you will serve or more realisticly lets just say it….who you WON’T serve, then you should be a PRIVATE place NOT in a PUBLIC place trying to serve and be finacially be rewarded. Green is green no matter who is giving it to you. Shame on them for using or hiding behind religion to disciminate against people based on their sexual orientation, race, gender, or anything else.

I would like to say BRAVO to St. Elmo’s restaurant, Harry and Izzy’s, Gen Con ($50M loss), The Disciples of Christ Christan Church ($6M loss), Jason Collins, Matt Mitrione, Cafe Patachou, CEO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and all the many other athletes, Businesses, and people who have boldly stood up and expressed their outrage regarding this hateful piece of legislation and their brave stance to pull out and no longer patronize the City of Indianapolis if (and now has)this ridiculous thing become law.

My God is a loving, caring, forgiving God and last I checked there wasn’t a “vacancy, now hiring” sign above His chair for anyone to take his job and sit in judgement of anyone else.

I’m proud to say—my friends are my friends, not my gay friends, black friends, white friends, mexican friends, etc…….SIMPLY MY FRIENDS!!!! PERIOD.


One thought on “Upset and Outraged…

  1. Romerica Mitchell says:

    You are so right in your comments, . I just hope people don’t take it to extreme. ,But you never know what’s in someone’s heart. I’ll stand by what you say, my friend is my friend regardless of sex ,race. Or religion. …YOUR Point is well taken. …

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