About KrazyKat

It all started at an early age………the insanity started from the FreeLunch sign above my high-chair.  Like — I really had currency to pay..???  Luckily I had that huge toothless grin to get my eats.

You will have to learn about me based on my blogging….crazy right?? I skip from recipes to crochet to breast cancer stuff to doodles…chaos right? It is all random very much like the thoughts in my head.

I am honest, maybe to much at times, but that is me. I don’t mean to offend anyone and ultimately just want this blog to give you humor when you need to laugh, thoughts when your feeling reflective, strength when you feel weak. Fun, love, humbleness, whatever is needed at the time.

Specifically, this blog was started from my facebook saga of Mr. Bear  as well as encouragement from my mom and sister about my journey with breast cancer.  The two pair well since I received Mr. Bear from my nieces and nephew out of love and hope when I was diagnosed September of 2013.

Ta-Ta for now……


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